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What GAQM CSM-001 Has in Store for your IT Career?

An individual has a long way to go in proving himself worthy of becoming a highly-qualified Scrum Master. For those who have already tried, the common denominator they all share is a certification. Possessing your own certification as a Scrum Master keeps your practical knowledge and skills sharp in Agile practices and development.

As a certified Scrum Master, the value of CSM-001 exam is unquestionable. Both this exam and this leadership role is the reason why many professionals thrive in the industry. Together, let’s learn what career advantages this exam holds for you, beginning with its popular vendor―GAQM.

Getting to know GAQM

GAQM is short for Global Association for Quality Management, the industry-acknowledged provider of the famous Prepaway Lean Six Sigma and other well-known certifications. It has already produced numerous certified professionals across various IT fields. Moreover, it has also already implanted its monument in the history of the certification industry. Other notable certifications they have are Project Management, Certified Software Tester Foundation, Certified Sales and Marketing Professional, and many others.

Knowing CSM-001’s associated certification 

Passing CSM-001 exam makes way for your acquisition of the distinguished Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification. A credential of this kind strongly introduces your expertise of Scrum and your capacity to deliver in a rather practical tech world. In fact, the CSM credential by GAQM is valid for life.

Understanding more about CSM-001

To begin with, there are no prerequisites for this certification exam. Consisting of 40 questions, which are both in the multiple-choice and true/false format, the closed-book exam is to be answered within 1 hour. You have to answer 28 questions correctly to pass the test.

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You can still retake if, in case, you do not reach the passing grade of the exam on your first try. The only thing you must keep in mind is that CSM-001 can get really tricky. Though the questions may look easy, you must pay full attention and caution. One detail may slip off you if you get too rash in answering the question.

Discussing the exam topics

Every candidate planning to take this exam must have a solid knowledge of the Scrum framework. There’s a need to check whether you have fully understood the concept of this framework before you can move on to more complex features of the Agile methodology. Having a strong foundation of Scrum helps you in responding to problems using the best Scrum practices. Aside from that, it also aids you to efficiently implement Scrum methods. Make sure to learn the Scrum elements, artifacts, and meetings as this will all be covered in the exam. Besides these, also study about the Scrum roles and responsibilities, assimilation, planning and estimation, and ceremonies.

Verifying the target audience for CSM-001

Candidates who pursue CSM-001 certification exam are mostly in the positions of Scrum Masters and Software Professionals. It is also ideal for Project managers, Developers, Team members, DBAs, IT Professionals, Managers, and Testers.

Advantages of a CSM certification-holder

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification undeniably bears a lot of advantages for a Scrum Master. Your achievement of this credential leads to:

Career recognition

Beyond the luster it gives on your resume, it creates more room for long-lasting career recognition. The reward comes in the form of a credible professional identification as a leader in your organization and field. 

Lasting, in-depth and real-world knowledge of Scrum

But more importantly, it’s the cutting-edge knowledge that you will receive through the certification which is most useful. This industry-verified competence that you will have is what will deliver you to more elevations in your career. Of all the professional benefits the certification has, it’s this vessel of knowledge that will literally stay with you throughout the growth of your profession.

More Productivity as a Certified Scrum Master

The certification exam and the whole certification process mold you to become successful, certified Scrum Master. As the so-called ‘servant-leader,’ a certified Scrum Master acts as the compass of the team. He or she is the one who ensures that all tasks are targeted and accomplished. When you have the CSM as your strongest credential, you are expected to properly protect the development team from any external forces or distractions. A professional of this position assists the whole team and makes sure that the team is well-directed to the necessary sprint goals.

Preparing the study tools for CSM-001

Of course, no candidate for this exam must hurry the studying process. Each concept and practice in Scrum must be learned wholeheartedly. Compiled below is a number of training materials you can utilize for the exam.

  • GAQM’s Study Package

GAQM offers a standard and premium package for the exam. The premium package consists of both the E-course and the Exam Voucher while the standard package includes the e-course alone. You can access the premium package for 40 days at $150. GAQM’s online E-courses are made up of accurate and standard information that is conveniently available for any candidate. The E-course runs for a total of 8 hours. On the other hand, the standard package is accessible for 20 days at $128. 

  • PrepAway’s Premium ETE File

After you have taken the time to understand everything you are required to, you can then proceed to go for a practice exam. A top-notch practice exam provider you can go to is PrepAway. It offers a Premium ETE File for CSM-001 which consists of practice questions and answers. These are frequently updated, accurate, and verified by the industry’s experts. Answering this practice test on a regular basis definitely builds up your learning potential. In addition to that, the ETE Software of PrepAway is user-friendly and highly-simulative. 

  • Scrum Tester App

An alternative for practice exams is the Scrum Tester app. You can also access and solve numerous questions related to exam CSM-001. Moreover, the app is downloadable in any device.


Clearing CSM-001 Exam is doable for any candidate who has the diligence to learn. Devote yourself to pass the exam and widen your opportunities as a certified Scrum Master! Get the most from the materials offered on PrepAway web resource and GAQM online website.

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